• Kristen Ruhmann


Did you know that it is actually your brain that decides if you will

experience pain? Your brain protects you by constantly analysing

messages from your body and producing both emotional and physical

responses. If danger outweighs safety, it produces a PAIN response so

you take action. Pretty amazing!!!

Obstetric TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a small

battery-operated device that is used for pain relief in labour. It produces a

‘non-threatening’ tingling sensation in the nerves of the spine. During

labour, this distracts the brain from other sensory messages from the

uterus and the perception of pain is modulated in response.

TENS is a safe method of pain relief and you can use it at home and in

the labour suite. It can also be combined with mobility, comfort positions,

heat packs and gas.

To ensure you have a TENS unit ready at home before you go into

labour, it is best to hire a unit around 37 weeks. At Kindred, TENS hire

also includes an individual practical session so you feel confident in

setting up your TENS unit, leaving less to worry about when the big time


TENS hire is available from Brisbane Women’s Physiotherapy at

Kindred. Ph. 3188 7915.


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